2024 Current Trends in Seized Drug Analysis Symposium


When: January 22nd – January 26th, 2024 from 8:45am – 12:00pm ET each day.

Program Chairs: Dr. Simon Dunne (Swedish Police Authority) and

Dr. Maggie Tam (Canada Border Services Agency)


Welcome to the 2024 Current Trends in Seized Drug Analysis Symposium. We look forward to a week of exciting interactions with scientists and law enforcement agencies worldwide who will show how drug analysis methods and data can be used in the fight against drugs and organized crime.


Ahead of the Game!

Traditionally, drug analysis has been a reactionary field, where analysis strategies are developed after the arrival of new illicit substances on the market or detection technologies that have evolved after new smuggling methods are unearthed. This year’s symposium will focus upon efforts to hinder the flow of illicit substances onto the market through finding the sources, tracking the distribution networks and using analysis data to probe and understand the drug market (both on the street and on the Internet). In this light, we have chosen the theme “Ahead of the Game” this year. The presentations will take us from Clandestine Labs (Day 1), Chemical Profiling (Day 2), Cannabis: Life After Legislation (Day 3), Forensic Intelligence (Day 4) to Emerging Technologies (Day 5). We will learn how we can smartly use of science and technology to minimize the flow of narcotics onto the market.


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